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With a website relaunch designed to better offer their training and coaching services, Annette and Doug Gillanders at Biznorth are using video technology and social media to reach out to their clients.

“We service about 20 percent of clients remotely,” said Annette. “Of course, we still love to do face-to-face work. There is nothing lovelier than seeing your client’s face when they take on new learnings.”

While some may say the Territory is experiencing tough economic times, Annette disagrees, calling it a ‘New Normal’.

“We’ve just come off a major project high. I don’t believe anyone planned for what followed completion – not the government, certainly not business. People get caught in the high of the project, forgetting it is finite, and have over-committed financially. A ‘New Normal’ will shake the branches of businesses that have always done it this way. They will resist the idea that they need to provide well-executed tenders and be more accountable, and I don’t see this is as a bad thing. It’s how we can make sure we’re doing the best we can with what we have now.”

Biznorth recently launched a campaign called ‘Love Your Business© So Others Will Love It Too’.

“The ‘New Normal’ brings opportunity to think differently, to lift your head up and think about what others see. Do your staff feel valued, do your customers see and feel your fatigue and do they hear the same negative language used? We say NO. We support business owners to think differently, to fall in love with their business again.”

“Have a discovery session with us. Meet our love and happiness champion, Lucy. We will support you to revitalise your business passion. There are little things that can be done too and it’s the little things that count. We will show you those little things within your business.”

Biznorth strongly recommends businesses look at increasing their network activity with other local businesses.

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Douglas Gillanders

Educator, Mediator, Coach

Annette Gillanders

Teacher Inspirator Coach