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Sarah McCulloch The 2015 Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Carnival – Ambassador

SARAH 1050pxAs the 2015 Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Carnival Ambassador, Sarah McCulloch is leading the way in racing fashion, showcasing the high quality garments and accessories available right here in the Northern Territory.

For her though, it’s also a chance to be a leader on another front; an opportunity to set an example for young people, young women in particular, as to how confidence and poise is vital not only when you are in the media spotlight but also in everyday life.

Sarah has completed a bachelor of communications majoring in journalism and is currently working in the Advertising field with aspirations of a career in marketing and events within the Fashion Industry.
The 27-year old also boasts an extensive modelling resume including, 2014 Miss Universe Australia National Finalist, 2012 Miss Tourism Australia National Finalist, 2014 NT Fashion Week Model and of course modelling through her 2015 Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Carnival Ambassador role.

“Confidence is the key, in the spotlight and in life; especially with the additional pressures models, celebrities and young people face through exposure and negative feedback on social media platforms.
“One of the most important lessons I’ve learned is it’s essential to remember everyone has their own opinion – the less you take it personally the better,” said Sarah.

Sarah, who is looking to forge a career in marketing, fashion and events has certainly been thrust into the spotlight during her role as Carnival Ambassador and says under the guidance of Stylist Jo Moo, the experience has opened her eyes to the amount of talented designers, milliners, jewellers and excellent quality retailers that the Northern Territory boasts.

“Every outfit you will see me wearing during the many race days, social events and official engagements of the Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Carnival are all sourced from the Northern Territory which proves just how extensive the Top End’s fashion catalogue really is,” she said.

“I will be showcasing up to 20 top-to-toe raceday looks throughout the Carnival and that is really the key for race wear; putting together a complete outfit from the shoes on your feet to your headpiece.”
“If you really fall in love with one of my ensembles, there is the opportunity to ‘buy-the-look’ for yourselves through my facebook page ‘Sarah McCulloch-Ambassador’.

“And if you are venturing to the track during the Carnival my tip would be to do some light research on the Carnival, racing and what happens on the track because the ultimate accessory is being able to hold an engaging conversation.”

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Style Guide Styling by Jo Moo

Q: What are the key elements of a race day outfit?
A: 1. Originality & style
2. Appropriate headwear to compliment the outfit
3. Accessories to compliment the outfit
4. Classic grooming from head to toe
5. Fashion trends with consideration given to appropriateness for race wear
6. Attention to detail
While observing the above recommendations the most important factor of dressing for the races is that you are comfortable and confident with what you’re wearing. The outfit has to depict YOUR style. Plan ahead; give your milliner time to source specific materials and products. Think about your hair style and makeup to compliment the look and book an appointment .

Q: Are there any specific rules for dressing for the races?
A: It is important to know and understand the judging criteria if you are entering a competition such as the Pearl Galleria Fashions on the Field competition on Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Day.
Otherwise a general guideline is to observe the following:
1. Beware of exposing too much skin or cleavage
2. On trend lengths will vary from year-to-year but should always be on the knee or below the knee

Q: Darwin fashion has a unique style which is turning heads interstate what is your tip to find balance between that uniqueness and conforming to race day fashion etiquette?
A: Definitely, we are so incredibly fortunate that we have iconic Territory products here on our doorstep to incorporate into any look. Using locally produced components, produced by people who have knowledge of racing fashion etiquette can create the perfect balance. Embracing colour, individuality and fabric selection is part of our uniqueness and can always be incorporated into the appropriate elements of a race day ensemble. I’d like to think that Territorians do think outside the square not always classic and conservative but with other points of interest.

Q: What will you be wearing on Carlton Mid Darwin Cup Day?
A: A lady should never reveal too much