How to Create a Champion Child through Martial Arts Training

I love teaching kids martial arts, it’s something about the way they respond which is magical.

Some kids come into the gym beaming with confidence, some are inquisitive other are shy. We have some many different little minds that we have the ability as a teacher to shape and mold and that is a privilege to have that opportunity. It’s great to watch how kids are so honest in expressing their emotions and have so much fun in classes.

I am going to share some ideas on how I help children reach their potential through their martial arts training. These ideas could be implemented not only in their training but all aspects of a child’s life.

1. Create consistency- this is really for children the golden rule. It set a platform for the children and they are clear on what to expect. If you are always changing or uncertain about things children pick up on this are more likely not to follow your lead. Parents really are responsible for the consistency with attendance and the teacher once the class starts.

2. Set clear boundaries- With all my classes’ students are aware of the rules, they are clear and set in stone, and also with my boundaries it’s important to be consistent. This consistency could also be referred to discipline.

3. Give Positive Feedback- kids love the attention from teachers, adults or parents, it’s so important to reward their good behavior all the time as it builds their confidence. An acknowledgement as simple as a high five gets the job done.

4. Have Fun- Once you have the clear boundaries in place for kids make the training fun. Kids thrive of enjoyment and such an important part of their development. If something is fun then you learn!

5. Create Challenge- It’s always good to have children set goals or have things they want to achieve. It helps them develop a drive to accomplish task. In martial arts training it’s the new belt or black belt, in classes its different moves or competitions. If children find the challenge to much make it simple so they can get a sense of reward.
Hope to see you in classes and these are a few ways Krav Maga Darwin helps their tiny warriors become better at life!


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