DarwinLifeDecember 2015

THE POWER OF Hypnotherapy

Did you know that hypnotherapy can be used to enhance and speed up conventional therapy such as Behavioural Therapy And this is what makes hypnotherapy such a powerful healing tool.

I use Dr Schwartz’s 4 step process to override a client’s automatic response that I learned in my Master Course of Neuro-Hypnotherapy.
Let’s use ‘stuttering’ as the problem. Keep in mind I am touching many areas of the brain with this example: left hemisphere, Temporal Lobe, Parietal Lobe, Hippocampus, Amygdala. With each hypnosis case I take on, I know what part of the brain needs attention.

Once the client is in
a deep hypnotic state:
1. I relabel the issue.
2. I reframe the issue.
3. I refocus the issue
4. I revalue the issue
The client is able to see how the stutter is not helping them in any manner what-so-ever, and they begin feel so much better.
Brand new neuropathways are formed and it allows the client to speak eloquently and smoothly. The stress, embarrassment and hardship of conversation has been removed, therefore it’s even more likely they will communicate exceptionally well.
The hypnosis and 4 step process has removed the anxiety and allowed the clients brain to form a new pathway which creates clear speaking patterns.
I trust this small article has given you some idea on how deeply hypnosis can assist people, not just with stuttering but with a wide range of other ailments.


Tammy Hatherill
Master of Neuro-Hypnotherapy
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