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… it’s time to Craft out a new way of being in the present…

Last year we decided with our business friends to celebrate the year by going to The Quay Restaurant in Sydney owned by Peter Gilmore and rated in the top 25 restaurants in the world. Now to get a booking there you have to book six months in advance for a Friday or Saturday night experience, so along with our friends we booked six months in advance, this was our goal for the year and it was the time that we as two businesses decided that we would celebrate the 2014 successes and we would reflect and learn from the year’s challenges.

So as we sat looking out at this 10 Million dollar view we were transported into a wonderful space that embraced our senses in so many different ways. From looking out the window to looking at the designer dishes and the aroma of the food that came on them with the seduction of taste, no wonder they call the menu a degustation.

As we absorbed the sensations and reflected excitedly about our year I noted that most of the people in the Restaurant were not present, they were not in the moment. Tables of two and tables of four shared this dining experience through attention to their mobile phones texting and taking selfies.

The staff at The Quay Restaurant are highly experienced and specialised in areas of food and service in wine and history they have worked hard to be selected on the team and they take a great deal of pride in their work.

So when one of the four staff who were serving us commented that they loved being of service to us we felt even more special. What he said next was what we were thinking and that was…why pay so much to be with people you don’t talk to? They are ignoring the experience of intricately prepared exquisite food that you can feel the passion that has been poured into it.

We are losing so much as we become slaves to technology we are becoming disconnected from not only us as individuals but also from those we love or those we work with. We are so single focused that we cannot see all that there is to see and we are becoming inflexible thinkers and this is causing more stress in our lives; it’s time to Craft out a new way of being in the Present.

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