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WETLAND LOGOWetland Homes are not just about building houses. This team of building and design specialists are doing away with elaborate and complicated plans, finally giving Territorians the option to build a home without the hefty price tag.

For directors Tony White, Chris Graham and Shane Hustler, Wetland Homes represents more than a construction company – it is a professional service available to the every-day Territorian. Through recognising a market that many businesses have forgotten about, Tony, Chris and Shane have strived to develop an option for the people who are just starting out and cannot afford to build a house filled with the unnecessary.

‘We realised that building houses had become more and more unrealistic. There are people who just want their own home – not a bank-breaking mansion’ explains Tony.

With over 50 years of collective construction experience, these guys have seen it all. Especially when it comes to building in the Territory’s unique tropical environment. Specialising in elevated homes, the team have brought together their experience to develop houses that not only come with a 15-year structural guarantee, but also are made for the NT climate. Whether it be a home with a long-term plan to extend as the family grows or a renovation of a much loved older home – ticking all the right boxes in quality workmanship and affordability are what Wetland Homes are all about.

Choosing to run their business as owner-operators, Tony, Chris and Shane are providing a service that understands communication is everything. Working with their clients from start to finish – big or small – this is a team who recognises what they are creating is a place for their clients to call home.

‘When you work with Wetland Homes, you are working with the business owner and operators. I am here helping you create your home that meets your budget, Shane is the site manager and Chris is ensuring everything is streamlined and running as it should’ says Tony.  ‘We can work within all price ranges, giving people exactly what they want on time and on budget.’

From custom design to starter pack options and fixed price contracts, these guys can even help with loan options. However above all, this is a team committed to setting realistic expectations backed by pride and integrity.

‘We know what it is like to own your own home in the Territory and we know how much paying for an overpriced house can affect you in the future’ Tony explains. ‘We have been there, we have done that and we think it is time for someone to understand not everyone is making a million dollars here in the NT.’

‘Put simply, you don’t need five toilets and a theatre room when you are just starting out. What you do need is a house that meets your budget, is structurally sound and gives you the option to add in all the extras as your budget allows.’

‘Although, if you do need five toilets and a theatre room – we can help with that also’ laughs Tony.

Servicing Darwin and rural areas, Wetland Homes are a team who will go above and beyond to deliver on service and guarantee.

‘It is all about keeping it simple, taking it back to the basics and giving people a home that meets their needs and wants’ says Chris. ‘As our slogan says, we are building the future, creating the past. This means we are building homes right the first time.’

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