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Sometimes when you are an immense pressure your mind goes on auto-pilot and you are unable to recall with your memory the event clearly.

You could even say you mind blanks out the event and finer details are hard to recall. Often when people are mugged they are so caught up in the situation they find it hard to give police a clear description of the offender. Often when people have a car crash or a physical confrontation afterwards everything seems like a blur. It is hard to be under a lot of stress and have a clear mind. However in some cases people can recall everything in details as if the event was in slow motion. More often than not these occurrences are rare.

Having a plan of attack is a smart idea for anything you do in life. You need to have clarity to be successful.

I have found sometimes that when I have had a martial arts competition I have a plan. Most times it works really well but it does have its moments where everything goes out the window. It only takes one move or one second and everything is turned upside down. The plan you had or that was going well is gone and you are left in that moment to act. It is a hard place to be in and how you deal with that moment determines your character. It is a scary place to be, however it is in that moment where champions are born. The same goes in your everyday life you may want to apply for a promotion or confront someone and come up with a plan of attack. However often it doesn’t pan out the way you intended and you are diverted. And again in that moment you are left in the dark; hence need to come up with plan B. This is a hard place to be in and you need to be quick on your feet. Whether you are competing in the ring or dealing with life sometimes your plan goes out the window.

Krav Maga is a modern day reality-based self-defense system. Adam is the founder of Krav Maga Darwin. For more information, visit www.kravmagadarwin.com.au.
Adam Gulla
Self Defence instructor
(Krav Maga)