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…is measured in a variety of ways

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Douglas Gillanders – Educator, Mediator, Coach • Annette Gillanders – Teacher Inspirator Coach

Working with your significant other can be the best or worse thing for your relationship. We met at work, in fact, I asked Doug to be my mentor while studying my education degree. He was not as kind to me as he was his students of the day. However, it was in this work environment that we established that our work philosophy was aligned.

Now we have been in business for sixteen years and we have gone through many ups and downs in business. We have experienced many aspects of working together, from which we have some great lessons to share with others who choose to go into business together.

Establishing a business foundation prior commencement is the link to success. It is really important to discover how your own personal values, how they align and then become part of your business.

We found that one of our areas of major difference was in our approach to business finance. My approach is more relaxed and a little “just in time” where Doug tends to feel regimented by the finance process when it comes to business.

Our behavioural differences while sometimes contrasting are highly complementary (in our skill sets as well).
I am the big picture ideas creator and Doug is the analytical eye to detail thinker that can bring my ideas in to shape and form.

We decided to write this first book which is part of a series because many of our clients are couples in business. We want to provide a short, succinct, easy to read pathway for those couples who are either considering going into business or those who have been in business for a while and want to fine tune how their business is working. Our book is also for those who are feeling their business is no longer an enjoyment.

No matter what, we really enjoy working together. We have learnt a lot about each other and we have learnt a lot about business as well.

Our book is available on our website and you can also download a free companion workbook for completing some activities with your partner. Also look out for our business workshops on the topics in the book.

Business success is measured in a variety of ways. For us, our success has been the opportunity to make our own decisions and to be free of constraints when it comes to decision making. Working together requires patience and kindness and open communication, no matter in the good times or in the tough times. Appreciate each other’s contribution and give each other praise for good work.