BusinessNovember 2014

Welcome to Coolalinga Florist

To Keeping Your Flowers Fresh For Longer.

We all love receiving flowers from friends and loved ones but in our lovely Darwin weather helping them last can be difficult.

Tip 1: When you first receive your flowers always cut your stems on an angle as when they are cut flat and sit on the bottom of the vase its like the suction from a straw when sitting flush with the bottom of your cup its harder to drink.

Tip 2: Most florists send flower food with your beautiful bunch, Make sure you empty the whole sachet and stir well before adding your flowers to the vase.
Tip 3: Remember to change your water every two days. Old water does ferment and can poison your flowers.

Tip 4: If you receive a box arrangement do remember to add a little bit of water every two days.

Tip 5: Never place your flowers in the fridge. Florists fridges are set to specific temperature also the gas emitted from your fruit and veg is toxic to your flowers, Just keep your flowers in the coolest spot in the house and they will be fine.

We hope these five tips will help keep your flowers fresh and beautiful.
Coolalinga Florist