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CrossFit is renowned for pushing the mind and body to the limits.

As the director and head coach of CrossFit Territory, 32 year old Brendan Southwick sees this every day.
It’s watching his clients achieve what they never thought was possible that drives his passion for health and fitness, and helping others reach their goals. “We use body weight exercises, weighted exercises, conditioning exercises and our program is constantly varied, containing functional movements at high intensity,” says Brendan. Brendan has competed in CrossFit and weightlifting competitions nationally, and says the training is the perfect preparation when strength, correct form and mental clarity are needed. Serving in the Army for 10 years, being functionally fit was a high priority for Brendan and his colleagues. He was introduced to the CrossFit world by friends in training for the Special Forces, and soon became hooked.

“I’ve been doing it for seven years now, and I love it,” says Brendan. “It helps you live a more functional life, gets you functionally fit, and it doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner or advanced, if everyone made some little changes like this we would have a healthier population.

Adopting a safety first approach, Brendan and his coaches always ensure their clients have good mechanics and are consistent in their form before adding intensity. “Whether you’re helping someone jump, throw or pick up something correctly, it’s all extremely rewarding,” says Brendan.
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Brendan has been the Northern Territory’s leading competitor for Crossfit and Olympic Weightlifting for the past eight years and at 32 years of age shows no signs of slowing down. With a lifetime best total of 145kg snatch and 170kg at 85kg bodyweight he is the NT’s most physically powerful athlete. Coach B is also a national competitor in the sport of Crossfit having placed previously as 4th fittest in the Pacific and is currently poised to do better in the 2016 season.