DarwinLifeDream TeamMarch 2016



The psychology team at Suite 3/6 Woodlake Boulevard, Durack, truly understands some of the challenges faced by people and families living in the Territory. Psychologists Louise, Catherina, Cherrie and Chloe of Darwin Psychology Services, and Dianne of Dianne Knox Psychologist, have been living and working in the Territory for more than 30 years.
This long-term experience of life in the Territory differentiates the psychology team, as does their stability. Louise and Dianne are now working with the children and grandchildren of clients they saw more than 30 years ago. This special continuity of relationship is rare in the Territory where people tend to come and go.
The psychology team is dynamic, and all members have considerable experience working in a cross-cultural context in very remote and urban locations. Team members work across the lifespan and have skills in working and assessing very young children through to those who are managing the transition from work to retirement. They work closely with a wide range of health professionals including paediatricians, allied health practitioners and general practitioners to ensure collaboration in meeting client needs.
They are the only private psychology practice in Darwin with staff trained in the use of Autistic Diagnostic Interview Revised (ADIR) and Autistic Diagnostic Observation Schedule (ADOS), the gold standard for the diagnosis of autism spectrum disorders.
The team have contracts with a number of prominent Territory organisations within the public and private sector, including the NT Police, Fire and Emergency Services, and the Northern Territory Government. NTG and NTPFES staff and eligible family members are able to access, free of charge, psychological services through their respective Employee Assistance Programs. Team members work with private enterprise and have contracts with businesses that support their staff and want to offer the full spectrum of support to ensure staff wellbeing. Additionally, team members have worked with defence members and their families for many years. They are well aware of the issues facing defence personnel including relocation to Darwin and return from deployment, and the resulting impacts on their partners and children.
The team is very much focussed on offering opportunities for ongoing professional development. They hold regular in-house supervision and get together fortnightly to discuss more complex cases, and to ensure professional knowledge and skills is based on current best practice. The team is committed to continual improvement and uses client feedback to reflect on practice standards and implement change and improvements as required.
There is a trusting, open and transparent team environment at Darwin Psychology Services, where people feel safe to share their vulnerabilities, their skills and to support other team members. That is exactly the sort of team Territorians can trust with their own challenges, no matter how big or small.

3/6 Woodlake Boulevard, Durack, NT • www.darwinpsychology.com.au • (08) 8932 8460