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The Australian and Northern Territory Governments have contributed $88 million towards the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive between Woolner Road and Berrimah Road.

This project is currently the biggest road investment project in the Northern Territory and is due for completion in June this year. Once complete, the project will reduce travel time from Palmerston to Darwin and will reduce traffic congestion during peak times.
The project will deliver the duplication of Tiger Brennan Drive all the way from Palmerston to the Darwin, including major intersection upgrades and the installation of a shared path for cyclists and pedestrians.
It is anticipated that during peak construction there will be 300 people employed on the project. Currently, the Indigenous employment rate is at 20 per cent.
Construction started in December 2014. Work so far has included construction of new inbound lanes, a new bridge to Hidden Valley and new on and off ramps, and upgrades to the Charles Darwin National Park and Bowen Street intersection, and the Stoddart Drive intersection with Tiger Brennan Drive.
Major changes to traffic conditions will take place during February as road users are diverted onto the new sections of Tiger Brennan Drive.
During February asphalt work on the existing road corridor will commence between Bowen Street and Amy Johnson Avenue. Landscaping around Hidden Valley and the Stoddart Drive intersection will occur.
Intersection upgrades will continue and work on the existing Tiger Brennan Drive lanes will commence during February.
From March, final asphalt work, street light and traffic light installation and final landscaping will be undertaken.