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Deciphering this seasons colour trends

Each season the powers that be at Pantone, the world leading authority on all things colour tell us which colours are ‘new’ again or ‘on trend’.

Here’s how to decipher which of these colours will actually work for you and how to use them in
an everyday outfit.

If your skin is naturally cool toned (that is has pink, red or bluish undertones) you will look best in the cool colours such as serenity, limpet shell, snorkel blue and lilac grey.
If your skin is naturally warm (with yellow, peachy, or golden undertones) you will be more suited to the warm colours peach echo, fiesta, iced coffee.

Use this only as a rough guide though and don’t be scared to mix it up a bit if you like colours that are outside of this.

• Softer pastel tones are best for day wear- suitable for the office or for a lunch date.

• Bright and bold colours can be worn both day and night.
Try using 2 or more of these colours together, for e.g. Rose quartz with lilac grey or serenity with iced coffee.

For more information on this colour range or for what to expect next season visit www.pantone.com


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