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METALLIC: This year metallic will continue to dominate for home accessories and lighting. Think rose gold, copper and bronze as well as traditional gold and silvers.

ACID WASH: Acid wash everything. From vases and bowls, to rugs, bedding and fashion acid wash is back in a big way.

INDOOR GREENERY: With more and more of us choosing smaller urban living over the somewhat outdated ‘big house in the suburbs’ there is an emphasis on being connected to nature so we will see more indoor plant life including veggie gardens, flowers and simple potted greenery.

TIMBER: This year will see more timber bench tops, vanity units and timber feature walls. I predict there will be a slow move away from the coldness of stone or marble benches, which have dominated for the past few years.

MOODY COLOURS: Home colours will move towards a tranquil cosy feel again and away from the starkness of all white and grey.

SMART HOMES: Technology is advancing into every aspect of our home from smart light switches, Power and data being recessed into bench tops or furniture pieces and there will be a rise in smart home security and surveillance items available to the general market.


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