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Do you dread the upcoming ‘Dry’ season
for fear of succumbing to colds/flu???
Does it seem to happen at the change of weather,
or after visiting friends or family ‘down south’???

A person with a good immune system should be able to withstand other people sneezing or coughing around them, & not get sick. There are many factors which contribute to a weakened immune system – these include increased stress; lack of sleep/rest or relaxation time; lack of exercise; & poor food choices.
Colds & flu’s are often caused by a virus, commonly the rhinovirus. Antibiotics only target bacteria – so they are useless against colds & flu’s. Fortunately we have herbs & nutrients which can manage these viruses & support the immune system. Zinc & vitamin C are key nutrients in keeping the immune system strong. There’s lots of scientific evidence to support how they boost the immune system & the healing process. Common foods that are high in both zinc & vitamin C include walnuts, coconut, buckwheat, oysters, tomatoes, parsley, peas & artichokes.

Simple lifestyle choices to BOOST your immune system this ‘Dry’ season:
• Eat a wide variety of fresh, whole foods daily i.e. fruit & veggies, lean meats, legumes, nuts, seeds, eggs & fish.
• Avoid foods low in nutrients such as refined & processed foods, sugars, white flour products & alcohol.
• Drink at least 2L water daily.
• Exercise regularly (ie 3-4 times week)
• Get a good night’s sleep, & make sure you have some ‘chill-out’ time during your week.

• Diffuse eucalyptus, peppermint, thyme or lavender essential oils in a burner, or even a few drops on a tissue to sniff throughout the day. (Warning- do NOT take orally).
• Keep a jar of honey (preferably Manuka) with couple roughly chopped garlic cloves handy. Soothe your throat with a teaspoon of honey as required.
• Sip thyme leaf tea with Manuka/garlic honey…very antimicrobial & soothing.
• Regularly include garlic in your diet – antimicrobial, antioxidant, lowers cholesterol & blood pressure.

Prevention is always better than cure…..so follow these simple dietary & lifestyle tips to support a healthy immune system. If you do find yourself catching one too many colds – make an appointment TODAY to get your immune system back on track quickly, with the extra support you need from a qualified naturopath!!


Kristy Hollis
Naturopath, Herbalist, Flower Essence Therapist
HiCAPS available
Board member CMA, member NHAA
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