Adam GulaFashion, Beauty & StyleMay 2015

Why I love to train

The real reason I love my training so much is not that you get fit or learn how to defend yourself.
It’s all the other factors that you developed that are not always seen or tangible. It’s the confidence, courage that you build within, that is really where the value is. It’s the sense of purpose or contribution you make to other that inspires one.

Most people come and train to get fit, lose weight, or learn to defend themselves. These are all good things to learn and be competent with. You could train all your life and still have moves you need to master, however after many years of training you really see these as a means or path and your training has a deeper meaning.

Your training becomes a direct reflection of yourself, your attitude and how you approach your life. If you train hard and are direct most likely you have the same approach in all areas of your life such as work. If you cut corners or are lazy in training the same may be apparent in other areas of your life too.

Often the hardest thing is to be direct and throw that strike without hesitation. Often I see people when sparring not always hitting the mark or not committing. This is evident a lot with new students. The same can be said about making a commitment in life, often people hesitate due to fear and don’t proceed.
Hence opportunities are missed in both insistences.

Krav Maga is a modern day reality-based self-defense system. Adam is the founder of Krav Maga Darwin. For more information, visit www.kravmagadarwin.com.au.


Adam Gulla
Self Defence instructor
(Krav Maga)