Food & DrinkMay 2015

Australian Seafood is set to be seen

NTSC_TWID_HalfAd_FinalThe entire nation should be applauding after the announcement by Senator Nick Xenophon of a Bill that will be intruded which will ensure all Australians are told where there seafood is from when dining out.
There are no good reasons to hide the origin of seafood from consumers; in fact to the contrary, the benefits of informing the consumer have far outstripped our expectations.

Outside of the Northern Territory, consumers are not getting information about the country of origin of seafood when dining out; this proposed Bill takes the recommendations from the recent Senate Inquiry and provides a solution.

We urge all members of parliament to get behind this simple measure that provides the consumer with the information they want and in turn supports the Australian seafood industry.

We can’t compete in this sector against cheap imports if the consumer can’t identify our product and these simple measures that will provide the consumer with the information they want will in turn support locals, support local businesses and support the Australian seafood industry.

Voices across our country are definitely getting louder; consumers want to make informed decisions when selecting seafood from a dining out menu and once the exemption throughout the country has been removed the seafood industry will finally be provided with a fair playing field and will keep and grow jobs in Australia.

The seafood industry can support many more jobs and could produce all of Australia’s seafood needs removing this unsustainable reliance on imported seafood.

The Territory has lead the way in seafood labeling in that is has labeling laws that identify imported seafood throughout the entire supply chain and it is time we shared this fortune.

As a reminder to all Territorians there should be no good reason for any venue not to tell you where your seafood is from. Only local seafood guarantees taste, quality and sustainability. There is nothing like the seafood from our local waters, I know I make being local my first choice!

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Image : NT farmed Barramundi and Mediterranean vegies Mitchell’s Grill, Hilton Darwin

Rob Fish
Chairman | Northern Territory Seafood Council