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It would seem to often we become inspired to achieve great things whether it be social, work or health to end up falling short at the last step.

At the end of every year we like to look back to see what we have achieved only to be left disappointed. What starts out in good faith turns into bad luck and excuses all to easily.
The truth is several factors contribute to the ongoing failure of reaching our goals.
Were the goals reachable in the set time?
‘I would like to win an Oscar, start a family and deadlift 300kgs before Christmas’
How did we plan to reach these goals?
‘Squeeze in some training, get the Mrs on board and try out for a reality tv series’
This approach will clearly not work, especially since the goals outlined are out of reach for 99% of people.
Aiming high when goal setting is a fantastic idea so long as it doesn’t set you up for failure.
A better goal structure for the above statement could be;
‘I will sign up for acting classes, speak to my family doctor and aim to deadlift 20kg higher than my previous best by Christmas’.
This is a much more achievable set of goals that still follow the original statements visions.
How to set goals.
The following is a three step plan that will give you a much better chance of achieving success.
1- Identify your goal
2- Make a cohesive plan to achieve the goal
3- Take action on the plan
Sounds simple enough but identifying the goal can sometimes prove to be quite difficult. Using this process we can now start to set a plan into action.
If the goal in question was – ‘Complete an endurance race’
1- Enter a marathon
2- Meet up with professional coach to devise plan and diet
3- Follow the coaches plan and continue to check in with them as often as possible
Or perhaps – ‘Earn more money”
1- Get promotion at work
2- Set out my plan which may include working longer, studying and performance indicators
3- Stick to plan and timeline to ensure progression
The is to make each goal as specific as you can, giving yourself a much greater chance of achieving it. Vague goals are hard to plan for and even harder to achieve.
As 2014 winds down to a close we cast our eyes forward to the New Year and what we hope it will bring. It is now most people will make resolutions to eat better, exercise more and get quality time with the family. Without a plan to follow goals and resolutions become dreams and dreams are just fantasies.
Stay strong,

Wez Innes
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