Fashion, Beauty & StyleNovember 2014




As the weather heats up and the holidays creep closer, most of us will be hitting the beaches or jetting off on vacation. This usually entails squeezing into teensy tiny swimwear. As most of us will make New Year’s resolutions to tighten up and drop the pounds, start now by taking some simple steps to kick-start that new bod.

• Hydrate – Water is the cheapest and easiest way to prep that beach bod. Hydrating will keep your metabolism pumping, your skin glowing, and reduce water retention – it stimulates fluid release in your body and releases toxins.

• Nutrition – You don’t have to starve yourself by going on fad diets. Healthy nutrition will keep up your metabolic rate and satisfy your appetite. Stock up veggies and fruit – they’re full of H2O and fat-blasting fibre. Consult a nutritionist for health habits to incorporate into your lifestyle.

• Cut the Salt – Sodium is your #1 enemy as it causes water retention and bloating.

• Limit Alcohol – Sorry to be the bearers of bad news. Not only does alcohol does dehydrate your body, but it also causes bloat.

• Probiotics – A healthy dose of good bacteria will help banish excess gas and bloat.

• Training – Squats, squats, squats! Time to hit the gym and keep that bum tight! There’s nothing more horrific than droopy swimwear that resembles a nappy. Go with a friend, or get a trainer to keep you motivated.

• Spray Tan – A quick trip to the salon will leave your skin looking radiant, smooth and flawless. Plus, you can save your skin from baking in harmful rays with a healthy faux-glow.

• Sleep – Don’t skimp on those 7-8 hours. Getting that beauty sleep is crucial to keep your bod running in top form.

• Be Confident – No matter what your shape is, or body type, own it. It doesn’t matter if yours isn’t the tightest bod. You are beautiful. Remember, you’re most radiant to others when you’re happy.