November 2014The Avenue Feature

The Avenue | A Master Planned Precinct

The Avenue

THE AVENUE_5The opportunity to master-plan a complete vista, as part of an integrated urban renewal project, is rare and The Avenue’s combination of residential, commercial and retail has been designed to combine seamlessly. The wide choice of apartment styles and sizes in the twin towers, Spirit on The Avenue and Soul on The Avenue will ensure that there are options to suit all budgets. The completed first stage, Hastings Over Mindil, has been an unprecedented success with a resident mix of families, couples, retirees and business people all enjoying the comfort and pleasures of this superbly conceived, integrated living environment. The magnitude of The Avenue project provides the opportunity to incorporate many desirable features and services to benefit both private and commercial residents, as well as visitors to the Precinct.

No longer will your choice of business premises have to be a compromise
Utilising energy-efficient design principles, The Avenue Business Central delivers an essential blend of style, technology and environmental consciousness. The project stands at the gateway to Darwin, less than 2km to the Darwin CBD, with the central focus as a cohesive, high-level business hub. There will be cafes, alfresco dining, a range of essential services and a number of quality retail outlets, including a major supermarket in Stage 3, to service the significant residential and business population. The Avenue Business Central will have a large variety of serviced tenancies in various configurations, to cater for a diverse range of business needs. Full reception services and meeting facilities will be provided along with state-of-the-art communications and security.

THE Appreciation FACTOR
The whole concept for The Avenue’s Business Central was to be different, to be better and to give business owners and tenants choices not available elsewhere. When Osborne Family Holdings, set out to create the Avenue, the over-riding consideration was to be innovative in a way that took functionality, efficiency and sustainability to a new level. The parking hassles of the CBD do not exist, with staff and visitor parking in abundance. The Avenue’s extensive Sustainability strategy means unmatched energy efficiencies, waste management, water management & a reduced environmental footprint. The Urban Village concept, where everything you need for day-to-day living is within walking distance, has been superbly realised. Ease of access and close proximity to the CBD, public transport, airport and places of interest were a prime consideration, making both staff and visitor commuting quick and easy. On-site Property Management 24/7 means there is always someone there to look after your interests and the state-of-the-art SignatureTM Access and Surveillance System ensures peace of mind for both you and your staff.

The Atrium
Darwin’s most unique Business Space
The Avenue Business Atrium is a premium, enclosed, multi-function, multi-level space that is similar in size to a professional tennis court. It is specifically in place to benefit the owners and lessees of all commercial and retail space at The Avenue. The Atrium also includes a dedicated 14-place Boardroom that can be hired by commercial tenants when required. With ceilings over 11m high, a raised stage, full AV systems, multiple seating areas, a feature display area, extensive indoor gardens, 3 tiers of verandas and large skylights to provide natural light, the space will provide exceptional space for businesses and their staff. The Atrium space, along with the boardroom, allows businesses to reduce the size of their tenancy without losing the amenities that allow them to function at their best.
The Atrium has been designed with a stunning Territory theme to provide Territory businesses with a unique environment that will directly benefit the marketing of your business and the Territory, particularly to interstate and international clients. We predict this unique area will become the focal point for many business meetings and functions, as well as staff recreation.

For most businesses location is a critical component in providing the best possible service to their customers and achieving a competitive edge on their competition. As a result, accommodation can often be one of the biggest costs a business needs to manage. In a volatile growth market, businesses would benefit from owning their own premises and also profit from the capital growth of the property, rather than paying spiralling rent costs to a landlord. Unfortunately, some businesses may not have the available capital to purchase their property, particularly if their businesses are presently in a growth cycle to meet increased customer demand. A possible alternative business owners may consider is setting up a self-managed super fund (SMSF) to purchase their own premises. Normally a business owner cannot utilise their own Super funds for the growth of their business. However, by setting up an SMSF, they can use their super fund to purchase their premises. The SMSF is not restricted simply to using the money in the owner’s Super Fund; it is also able to borrow money. The SMSF can rent the premises back to your business, meaning your Fund effectively becomes your landlord. The benefits are truly significant both from an operational and a financial perspective.

• Cafe/Brasserie & Casual Fine Dining Restaurant
• 150-place Childcare Centre & Pre-School
• Chiropractor – coming soon.
• Optometrist
• Body Corporate Specialists – coming soon
• Chartered Accountants – coming soon
• Dry Cleaning & Laundry Services
• IT Services
• Real Estate Agency
• Caretaker Offices