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From Lean Times to Good Times – Simon Marston Window Cleaning

Success Story
From Lean Times to Good Times – Simon Marston Window Cleaning
By Stacy Wong

Simon Marston 2Most of us wouldn’t associate the words “jobless” and “success,” but Simon Marston took his job loss as an opportunity to start his own business – Simon Marston Window Cleaning.
“I decided I needed to take control of my own future,” says Simon.
Like many facing Darwin’s wet season redundancies, Simon suddenly found himself out of work after five years in senior management roles.
But like the energetic go-getter that he is, he wasn’t unemployed for long, securing casual labour with the help of Top End Consulting (TEC).
“I am grateful for that work because it also gave me the opportunity to discuss my future with Ed and Annie from TEC, and they in turn encouraged my inclination to utilise my skill sets and go into business for myself,” says Simon.
With mentoring from TEC and a just a two-month turnaround, a new business enterprise was born – Simon Marston Window Cleaning.
With his entrepreneurial spirit, Simon was able to draw on his acquired business skills and combine them with years of experience in window cleaning.
“It was perfect timing,” says Simon. “I was in the right place with the right people at the right time.”
“My main focus is providing second-to-none quality customer service throughout the Darwin region. Ed Karras from TEC helped me understand the importance of networking and building relationships within the community.”
Simon Marston Window Cleaning offers very competitive rates, mobile EFTPOS and the latest in window cleaning technology. He also carries $20m Liability insurance.
What makes Simon Marston Window Cleaning different?
“As well as great customer service, I also use the latest window cleaning technology,” says Simon. “It’s called ‘Pure Water System’ and it filters all impurities out of tap water, sends it up a long pole and cleans with a soft brush head – leaving a sparkling spot-free finish.
“It’s great for high access glass because it means I don’t need extension ladders; that saves me time, and the customer money.”
“And of course like everybody else, I like to work in a safe environment and that is especially important when you are self-employed.”
What advice do you have for others facing redundancy?
“Find something you are good at, passionate about and then go for it. There will always be lean times in our life, but our goal should always be to turn those experiences into something positive.”

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