BusinessJanuary 2015

Justice Crew

By Angela Brayton

Forget Christmas chaos, Casuarina Shopping Centre came to an absolute standstill in November for the Australian superstars Justice Crew.

It isn’t every day Darwin has the opportunity to host ARIA chart toppers. Hot on the Telstra Thanks tour, Justice Crew were met with a roaring Darwin crowd at Casuarina Square. Showcasing their skills, the guys didn’t disappoint with a concert that proved them worthy of their stellar reputations.

Since taking out the title of 2010 Australia’s Got Talent winners, Justice Crew have been growing from strength to strength. Starting out as a wildly talented dance troupe, the crew has developed in to a 6 member urban pop sensation. Their song, ‘Que Sera’ becoming the longest-running number one single in ARIA chart history.

It is this kind of commitment to the beat that landed Justice Crew on tour with the likes of One Direction and Pitbull, taking the local Adelaide boys to the international stage.

When Darwin Life caught up with Justice Crew’s Paulie Merciadez, Lukas Bellesini, Solo Tohi, Samson Smith, John and Lenny Pearce, the whirlwind of fame and fortune had only created a greater homage to their humble beginnings.

‘It was pretty unbelievable when we started, I remember getting a heap of adds on Facebook and thinking wow!’ explains John ‘It was crazy that people were stopping us in the street. We never really expected it, I guess we just sort of rolled with it.’

According to Solo, just rolling with it has been a winning formula for the crew right from day one. ‘We never even expected to win Australia’s Got Talent, we just wanted to show off our dance moves. It was so unreal to get to the end and realise maybe we can take this further.’

From then on, Justice Crew took Australia by storm releasing a number of multi-platinum singles. As far as taking it international, these guys are just enjoying the experience.

‘We loved China and Bali,’ says Paulie ‘it is really hard to pick just one place that has stood out. Every place has been amazing.’ For these guys, it is their success at home that really makes it worthwhile explains Solo. ‘Having the longest running number one single in the ARIA charts has definitely been one of our greatest achievements.’

And what is their advice for people who have a passion and want to know how to take it to the next level? ‘Just keep at it,’ says John ‘don’t stop just because one person doesn’t think you can make it. If you really believe in it – you will get somewhere.’