BusinessJanuary 2015


ANGELAHave you ever had a really great idea, like “This year I’m going to get fit, or I am going to go to bed earlier, or I am going to not watch TV at night?”

But for some reason these never happen. Have you ever wondered why? One of the reasons we find it so hard to make the first step to making a change or making a decision is something you may have heard of … excuses. We have a way of making up reasons why something can’t happen and then find evident to support why we are right, it is called confirmation bias. Excuses are what keep a lot of people never achieving what they wish for.

You may have felt one of these, or all, before. If you have, you are not alone.

• Fear. “What if I choose and it doesn’t work out?”

• Too many options.“Which one is the right one for me?”

• Previous experience. “I’ve done something like this before and it didn’t work out.”

• Pay-off. “I don’t have the money; what if I lose money?”

• Perceptions. “They might think I am mad.”

• Conformity. “Everyone else is staying, so should I.”

• Familiarity. “I feel comfortable where I am at; I don’t have to do too much.”

• Personal story. “No one in my family ever has, so I can’t.”

• Uncertainty. “What if…?”

• Overwhelm. “I don’t know where to start.”

If you ever find yourself asking any of these questions, don’t let the answer stop you from making a decision, realise the truth in the excuse, or find a solution to the problem rather than looking for ways to support your excuse. Look for reasons why it is possible and test out that scenario too. There are plenty of people before you who have done great things and never let an excuse stop them, neither should you.

What’s the excuse you know holds you back?