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Mumpreneur | Susan O’Callahan

What is your business and what inspired you to create it?
I am in the business of making people feel great! Let’s face it, who doesn’t feel amazing after having their hair done? If you don’t …. you need to come and visit the team at Helmet. I always wanted my own salon so I could give my customers a premium service that embodied both professionalism and relaxation.

How do you juggle working full time around the demands of family life?
Working, running a business and caring for a young child is definitely a juggling act. But my great team, understanding clients and supportive friends make it all possible, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

How do you keep focused on your goals?
I always take some time out at the beginning of each year to look back and appreciate what has been achieved and to plan where I want to go. Clear goals and steps on how I can achieve them as well as getting my team on board and keeping them inspired so that we are all headed in the same direction is important. I consistently measure my progress, and in recent years, I’ve engaged a business coach to help keep me on track and accountable.

What advice do you have for those starting out on a new business venture?
Love what you do and plan, plan, plan.

What has been your greatest business triumph?
Staying current and being in business for nearly 20 years