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Stefani Raines

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There’s a reason people use the expression “as safe as houses”

Investing in property is often a sensible move that can provide solid returns and it remains one of the most favoured methods of investing for Australians.

Choosing a property which is going to increase in value will get you started on the right track. Buying or building a new property has the potential to provide better returns and attract better quality tenants when it is finally time to rent out your first investment. Darwin has been providing great returns for the landlords who have made the decision to invest, so why not jump on board?
Navigating your way through the property management aspect of your investment property can be time-consuming and stressful. It’s in your best interest to engage a property manager who is responsible for protecting and proactively managing your investment.
Stefani Raines Property Management provides personalised, professional property management services. Stefani has been working in the Darwin property industry for six years which has allowed her to build her knowledge around property management trends and gain a strong understanding of the legislation requirements in the Northern Territory. As a home owner and property investor herself, Stefani will always have the best interests of your rental property in mind and at heart.
Further advantages of having your property managed by Stefani include:
A low management fee of 8.8% with no hidden add-on charges for administration, inspections or report preparation.
Three-monthly periodical inspections, which is the most frequent timing that Northern Territory legislation will allow.
A small portfolio which allows for intimate knowledge of each property and tailored personalised service.
No staff turnover. You will always know who you are talking to.
Fortnightly landlord payments.
All management fees are tax deductable.
To ensure the best returns on your investment, allow Stefani Raines Property Management to care for your investment property in Darwin, Palmerston and the rural area.
You’ll be safe as houses.

Stefani Raines
Managing Director

GPO Box 410
Darwin NT 0801
0447 263 937