November 2014


The School has been an international school and member of the Council of International Schools (CIS) for sixteen years.

In 2013 the School was accredited as a Cambridge International School by Cambridge University’s Cambridge Institute, and is able to deliver their courses and to be an examination centre for Cambridge Institute programs. The international curriculum from the United Kingdom’s Cambridge Institute is delivered in over 9,000 schools in 160 countries. In 2015 the school will join with eight leading independent schools in Sydney and Perth to be amongst the first schools in Australia to offer established Cambridge primary and secondary international programs along with the Australian curriculum. Middle School students will begin to complete subjects from the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in 2015.

The school also has extended its Dance and Sports programs into the international arena. In recent years the school’s dancers have completed a special dance extension program at the National University of Singapore twice a year.

In 2013 the school started its own Basketball Club to allow its students to play in the local community competition. From these teams a number of girls and boys have been identified for a special international basketball coaching and playing program. The school’s top girls and top boys basketball team will compete in late November in the International High Schools Basketball Competition in Malaysia.

Director of Community and Elite Sports, Angela Foley, says: “Students have committed to a program of early morning training sessions three mornings a week at 6.30 am. They have seen their skills and confidence grow in the last six months and are now ready for this international competition”. Similar international sporting trips are planned next year in other sports.

Co-curricular activities have also benefitted from the increase in students coming in from top international schools around the world. In 2013 the school introduced an after school Clubs program, similar to those found in leading international schools. Currently the school has over thirty Clubs operating after school in a range of interest areas.

Principal, David Cannon, said: “Our students will live and work in an increasingly internationalized world and will require skills such as communication, flexibility and teamwork. Learning alongside children from other countries and cultures can only help”.
For further information about the School and its international programs, please phone the School on Phone: 8985 0100. Enrolments are limited and early enrolment is encouraged.

1. Essington students tour Beijing whilst attending an International Students Conference
2. Essington students explore their long house accommodation in Borneo
3. Year 7 students visit Little India in Singapore on a cultural studies tour
4. Essington students completing calligraphy lessons in Tokyo
5. Essington winning basketball team preparing for their trip to Malaysia to attend the International High Schools Basketball Competition
6. Essington Dance students at the Singapore School Of The Arts
7. Principal David Cannon and Tamagawa University School student exchange students who have visited Essington School