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Allora Gardens | Gardening for the first home buyer

Gardening for the first home buyer….

How exciting being a first home buyer.
Your journey has just begun.


After the settling in period, then it’s time to look at the gardens.
Have you purchased a property with an amazing garden? If so good for you, it’s just a matter of good garden maintenance and making sure it gets watered and fed regularly.
An Amazing garden can add great value to your property. In some cases can be the reason for the purchase..
If you have purchased a home that needs a garden make over, how exciting. It can be a family project taking time to create it together or call in a garden landscape crew to do it for you.
Firstly decide what fashion of garden you would like. Try to stick to the theme of your building if you can.
Visit your local garden centre for ideas. Pick out the plants you like and the plants you dislike. Everyone has different tastes even when purchasing plants.
Don’t forget to leave a small section in your garden or an area where you can pot up your herbs and edibles. Now is the time to get your edibles growing so you have a healthy harvest for the dry season.
Coloured Tropical Gardens is one of my favourite themes.
Pick a sunny spot in your garden and layer it with coloured foliage plants, close to your outdoor entertaining area so you can enjoy the ambience while relaxing. Or position it away from your outdoor area altogether and create another haven in your back yard. The top end has some of the most colourful, vibrant foliage in the country. Layer your plants as seen in this picture. Bromeliads, calatheas, ferns which are all low growing, complimented by heliconia, gingers and cordylines for height and privacy… Add a statue or waterfeature to enhance the area and give it your own personal touch…
So until next time. Congratulations on your first home buy.

Happy Gardening…
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