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Husband and wife power couple, Steve and Dee Moore, are proud to own and operate the most in-demand salon in the Northern Territory, Moore Beautiful.

“Our focus is client experience. From the moment we are contacted to months after their appointment, we stay in touch and ensure that they are in the best hands,” said founder, Dee.

Sparing no expense when it comes to delivering an exclusive client experience, Moore Beautiful brings new treatments and services to Darwin by providing training opportunities to their team; either sending them interstate or flying in the best providers of specialised training which they also extend to fellow beauty salon owners. This commitment to supporting the industry and creating a network of fellow business owners to share knowledge has also helped other businesses grow and thrive while ensuring Moore Beautiful are industry leaders in the Territory.

“If it wasn’t for the value I put on education and the power of a strong, supportive network, I wouldn’t be where I am today,” said Dee.

“The completion of the Inpex Project had a devastating impact on Darwin and small businesses. Week after week, we are seeing businesses close, people moving away and being more reserved with their money. Despite this downturn, Moore Beautiful has gone from strength to strength. We are committed to supporting other business owners with our knowledge of marketing and sustainable growth.”

Employing eight locals, Moore Beautiful also gives back to the community by supporting local charities, providing sponsorships, sporting events and fundraisers.

“I never thought I’d fit into Darwin, but I found my space and made it home. Now I’m empowering other small business owners in the Territory, around Australia and the world to step up and transform their businesses in the way I have with our new business coaching business, B.O.S.S. – Bring On Salon Success.”


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14/641 Stuart Highway Berrimah